Shrimping In Halifax River InterCoastal Waters

Captain Josh Cast Fishing


YES!!!! It is SOON Time For Shrimping

Soon the Inland Coastal Waters of the Daytona Beach Area will be flooded with those delicate shrimp. Nothing beats casting out a net and then pulling it in with pounds of shrimp filling the net!  Reel Budget Charters offers some great charters just for shrimping. If you can spare a few hours out in the sunshine and on the water, you will enjoy a great shrimping day, with Captain Josh.

The Dog Days of late Spring and Summer mean hot, and wet afternoons that produce afternoon showers that usually last about 30 minutes or so. With these warm to hot days it  also means that the shrimp are on the run, in the Inland Coastal Waters!

Up and down the Florida Peninsula,  the Shrimp migrate by the hoards into the inlets and rivers to spawn. They search for brackish water the perfect environment for breeding. While they migrate with the tide influenced by  the moon, swimming upwards to fifty miles upstream in the backwaters and rivers.

The Halifax River,along the inland coastal of Florida hosts many such migrations of shrimp as they flood the brackish river.  Shrimp are caught at the opening of the inlet at Port Orange to wide river areas of Daytona Beach and Ormond.

While there are many diverse methods of catching shrimp throughout Florida, Reel Budget Charters Captain Joshua Marlett favors the “net”. Casting the the net into the water with great skill he is very successful in pulling in a large catch of shrimp.


The cast nets range from ten foot to Captain Josh own favorite size of 14  foot radius net with a 3/8 inch mesh that spreads its self across the waters deftly when  thrown right. The net is encircled with weights that will drop to the bottom,  catching a large number of shrimp.

The same method of shrimping takes place up and down the Inlet and Halifax. If you are planning a trip to the Daytona Beach Area, gives Reel Budget Charters a call and schedule your day of fun in the sun, with some excellent fishing and shrimping!

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